My life



Well, Tony and I have gotten news that his parents will have to sell the house we’re living in because of their taxes. That means we are looking for a new place for us, the cats and Amie. Unfortunately, we cannot afford anything that isn’t a foreclosure. We know that we can afford $200 a

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New position

I have come to a decision on the new position at Goodwill. I will be taking the job in the back. At least for now. I was talking to Sarah and decided that right now, what is best for me is to have something steady, with set hours since I have all this other stuff

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I have been given two choices to choose from at Goodwill. Well, actually three if one really thinks about it. I am either able to stay on as a cashier, move up to head cashier or move into the bak and start sorting clothes. I have already said no to staying a cashier. I need

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Weird, but nice

It’s weird, I get a call about Goodwill opening and I will get to help set up the store. So, I would be working again in June. But that’s not all of it! I got a call from Movie Gallery yesterday and they wanted me to have an interview with them. Of course, I was babysitting

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