Weird, but nice


It’s weird, I get a call about Goodwill opening and I will get to helpย set up the store. So, I would be working again in June. But that’s not all of it! I got a call from Movie Gallery yesterday and they wanted me to have an interview with them. Of course, I was babysitting and therefore couldn’t make it to that interview, but I have one for this evening. For months, I cannot get anyone interested in hiring me and now that I will be getting my job back, and possibly a better position, I have people who are interested. Isn’t that the way things always work out? I know that at my interview today, I will have to be open and honest with them. I will have to tell them that I will be working again soon, and maybe with about thrity hours a week, plus, I am getting a little busy during the weekends at the moment. Once my wedding is over with, things won’t be a problem with weekends really. I am not opposed to working two jobs since that will help Tony and I out a lot! But, the thing is will I be able to work two jobs? Some people are able to handle it and others are not. Plus, it all depends on if they want to hire me over at Movie Gallery. Good thing that Movie Gallery and Goodwill will be right across the street from each other! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Froggy,
    Blog reader here….congratulations on getting the good news about TWO jobs! For several years I worked two jobs and it really wasn’t that bad. Sure, it meant not a lot of free time, but it made me appreciate what little I did have, and the money was the big factor in the equation.

    I also saw the other day (I don’t get to Bryan too often yet) that they are finally building the Sonic restaurant. I know I plan on being a very loyal customer there!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I know that I wouldn’t have a lot of free time and all of my free time would go spending time with my soon-to-be-husband! I’m not afraid of hard work.

      Yep, the Sonic is being built. If Movie Gallery doesn’t work out, I have been thinking about putting an application in at Sonic!

  2. Well, if that’s the case, I’m sure I’ll see you a LOT!!! I’m addicted to the Coconut Creme Pie Milkshakes!

    Good luck with everything!


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