Things are looking up again

I am sitting here at the computer still a little shocked by the news I heard today. I really cannot believe that I will have a job again in June! Even though Goodwill is not going to be open to the public until late summer, I and my co-workers will be there to help get the store ready for business. I will, of course, have to take off a weekend, just so I can get married, but I am sure that Sarah will not mind. Especially since it is during the early part of June. I will need four days off, but then I will be back to work. Friday, even though I do not like it, I really need to take off. I already made plans for that day and I need to keep to it. I have a hair appointment and then of course, there is the rehearsal. I am hoping to get my friends, and my sisters (if my married sisters can get away from their husbands) together that day, just to hang out with me and those who want to, to spend the night. But I am getting off the topic. With my job coming back to me in June, it will help Tony and I pay rent on his parents’ house. They are moving to West Unity and are willing to let Tony and I stay at the old house! Also, I might be able to move up and be a head cashier, which will give me a little bit more money, more hours (up to 30) and insurance! That is really good for us, since right now, we do not have anything. The down side is that being a head cashier will put a damper on being the in church choir. 🙁 I love to sing and I love being in the choir, but this seems like a good place for me. It will look good on a resume for a different job and at the moment, Tony and I need the money. Of course, it all depends on whether or not Sarah thinks I should have the job. I will have to have an interview and everything, so if that goes well, I can have a job back and a new postion! I really hope things go really well for me. Thanks to everyone who kept me in their prayers and thoughts!

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  1. Congrats! Here’s hoping you get the head cashier job. Do you know where the new store is going to be? That is really good news!

  2. Def in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully all goes well in your interview for the new position. And if you have to back out of church chori for a bit… you can ALWAYS go back as your schedule permits.

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