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Family Ties

People seem to be very interested in Tut. Not that I mind answering those questions, but questions don’t have to just be about Tut. My sister has asked to know more about Tut’s family, and apparently she wants to know everything! 🙂 Of course, I won’t write about everything, but I will try to put

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Book idea

I normally don’t do things like this, but since I have a blog, I might as well. I have decided what I want my first book to be and I have already started on the research. I am going to write about Egypt! A young woman, early twenties, I think, is going to be touring

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Some more answers

Tutankhamen was the son of Pharaoh Akenaten and his wife, Kiya.  Akenaten’s Chief Wife, Nefertiti, was Tutankhamen’s stepmother as well as his mother-in-law. You have to know that Egyptian rulers often married their siblings to keep the royal line going. It was a way to keep the throne safe. Tutankhamen married Akenaten and Nefertiti’s daughter,

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