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I have come to a decision on the new position at Goodwill. I will be taking the job in the back. At least for now. I was talking to Sarah and decided that right now, what is best for me is to have something steady, with set hours since I have all this other stuff to get used to and work with. I am getting married in about three weeks, I will be setting up a house, and actually buying food and supplies for Tony and myself. With all these changes, I will have something in my life that is very steady and I know that it won’t be changing for awhile. Plus, it will give me the weekends to hang out with my younger sister before she heads off to Fort Wayne.

I also have the option of asking for a head cashier job when one comes avaliable if I do not like working in the back. Head cashier sometimes have to work in the back anyway, on the weekends, so doing this job now will help me in the future if I ever decide to try for the head cashier job. And who knows, I may like it back there. I’m not sure, since I am not moving around as much as I would be with working up in the front. This position will give me more of an understand of Goodwill and how things work. It will let me see things from a different perspective, at least.

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  1. It’s always good to explore other areas in any retail environment esp. if it gives you a stable schedule . Being in one place can get stagnant. Hope it works out for you.

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