Keeping the faith


It seems to me that no matter how much I don’t want to go back to work and leave my son, that’s the one thing I will have to be doing shortly. Ben is growing so fast, though I don’t always notice it, since I see him every day, but he already can’t wear his preemie footie clothing because he is too long for them. His little legs always have to stay bunched up while he wears them, and since he’s supposed to be stretching his legs out, I can’t put him in them. He still fits the preemie onies that he has, and slowly fitting his newborn clothes.

As the day draws closer to Feb. 6, I cannot help but feel upset and sad. I don’t want to leave Ben, and unless something drastic changes, I will have to return to work. Money is already becoming tight, so returning to work will help that. meilleur site achat viagra I actually miss walking and getting some exercise in, so that will be a plus, and my job wasn’t bad. I don’t mind working. Actually, to tell the truth, not working is driving me crazy. But, I will continue to look for an at home job, so I can be with my son and still work. At the moment, I am looking into tutoring. I love math and English, so why not use what I am good at to help other people. I can’t help people from Kindergarten to people in college. I’m not exactly sure how to get started, but I will make it through somehow.

If I knew how to make money writing on my blog, I would do that as well. I have also been working on a story about Egypt. That is when Ben lets me stop reading about Egypt. πŸ™‚ Traveling to Egypt might help with the story, but getting it started feels great. Who knows, I might finish it, and then wait to get it published until I actually get to see Egypt and fix it up a bit. I want to take Ben to see all the places we have been reading about, to travel the Nile, to see Tut’s tomb, see Ramesses II’s mummy, and so much more! Someday, I will make it to all these different places, it will just take time and faith.

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  1. “I can’t help people from Kindergarten to people in college.”

    Seems to be a typo there… πŸ˜‰

    The only way I could (or would, these days) visit Egypt is virtually, so I wish you well on your endeavor to do so in reality, and hope you find the work-from-home job you seek.

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