Well, Tony and I have gotten news that his parents will have to sell the house we’re living in because of their taxes. That means we are looking for a new place for us, the cats and Amie. Unfortunately, we cannot afford anything that isn’t a foreclosure. We know that we can afford $200 a month and so anything over that will most likely be pushing it. We have seen two house online, but we haven’t actually gotten the opportunity to take a look in them. One has five bedrooms and two bathrooms and really looks nice on the outside, but of course, the inside might not  be that great. It is two hundred dollars a month, so it’s at the top of our price range, but it has the space we will need. There would be two bathrooms, so Amie could have her own, and Betsy would be able to have a room when she stays the night, plus a room for our computers, and maybe a room for my stuffed animals. Kind of sad that my animals need a room for themselves, isn’t it?

The other house has three bedrooms, which would be enough. We don’t need the other two, it would just be a really, really nice perk. The one downside is that there is one bathroom. Though, if it’s bigger than the one we have now, it might be all right. It would be about sixty five dollars a month. That’s not bad, but the inside might look really bad. We are hoping to be able to see the inside soon enough. We would like to be able to find a house as soon as possible.

Of course, both houses we will have to pay electric and gas bill, but we already do that. It will be hard to find something in about a month, I think, especially since we would like to stay in Bryan because we only have one car and both of our jobs are in Bryan. We are hoping to be able to look at some houses later this week. Pat will be contacting a friend of hers, who helped find their house to help us out.

I feel bad for Amie, since she just moved in and she will have to move again and we haven’t even been able to tell her since she has been at work and we don’t know when she will be home. But if we find a good house, maybe we will be able to have a house that will let her spread out some more and let us not feel like our house is always dirty. Plus, give more room for our cats to run around and play. Pray for us. We really need it.

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  1. I agree with Jamiahsh – good luck! And $65 / mo.?!? WOW! That would be great for you!
    Are you or Tony handy around the house if you get yourself a fixer-upper? I know that was never an option for us; neither one of us knows how to do much fix-up work. And take comfort in the fact that many newly married couples have a rough start financially as well as difficulty finding a place to settle down. Chris and I had to move over 10 times before we finally found the place where we belong! It can be really rough, but putting the tough days at the beginning of the marriage is a great way to strengthen it – if you can survive being “homeless” together, you can do anything together 🙂
    Best of luck!! We are praying for you!

    1. If we are lucky, we might not have to move out right now. I just talked to Pat and they are going to try to make it so we don’t have to move out. Which would be great since we are even sure we can even get a loan and afford anything but a fixer. We would definitely have to find people to help fix up the house then.

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