Interview disaster


I had a job interview at First Federal today, though most of you didn’t know it. I have been looking for a different job since January. I have to pay for my wedding and since Goodwill is still closed, I really need a job! Unfortunately, I don’t think I did very well at the interview. Tony kept telling me that I was going to get this job. Even though it’s part time, I would get benefits, which both Tony and I need once we get married. I would have health insurance, paid vacation, not have to work on Sundays (always a plus since I have church in the morning, choir practice at 5:30 and then church again at 7:00). I think it would have been all right until I had to answer why I would be better than others for this job, what would I bring to the company. I know you’re supposed to make yourself look good and everything, but I just couldn’t. I had no answer. I am not any more special than the next person, and so I answered truthfully. I didn’t know. Yeah, some good answer. I guess it’s back to the newspaper for job searching.

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  1. Not necessarily, good thoughts Froggy. At least you did not provide some “fake” response and were truthful. Good luck.

  2. relatively speaking

    You never know; they could call you tomorrow. If not, it’s a good opportunity to think about what you could have said and be prepared for the next interview. Employers ask that question to find out if you have the right skills & qualities for the job they need filled. Your job is to let them know that you are the one they’re looking for. No need for over the top bragging, simply state why you are qualified.

    These websites may help:

    Good luck in your job search!

  3. I was never good at job interviews either. I remember one time, I was asked “Have you ever stolen anything?” and I said “no”, of course. So the interviewer was like, “Are you sure? You never even walked away from the bank counter with a pen or anything like that?” and I said no. My friend was employed there and the interviewer told her that he couldn’t trust someone who said no to that question because I must have been lying. Whatever – I was just VERY nervous! I didn’t get the job.
    But anyway, I agree with Relatively – time to think about your strengths for next time. I don’t think they’d care about ‘good with kids’ at a bank. But you are friendly and seem organized, so these are possible attributes you could expand upon. But I hope the job search goes better. I just heard on the Chicago news that thousands of people stood for hours in the cold rain in a suburb called Joliet to interview for 250 jobs. THAT’S how bad this economy is. So I wish you the best of luck! Any word on when Goodwill will reopen? A bunch of people miss it!

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