I have been given two choices to choose from at Goodwill. Well, actually three if one really thinks about it. I am either able to stay on as a cashier, move up to head cashier or move into the bak and start sorting clothes. I have already said no to staying a cashier. I need more hours. So that leaves me with head cashier or sorting clothes. I have been told by my boss that either one would be all right for me, since I am a reliable person, but I really don’t know which one would be the best for me.

With being the head cashier, I would be making more money, with the $.20 increase in pay. I would be working about thirty hours a week, though it could be more, and I would be able to get mangagerial experience. But there are downsides to this as well. I would not be able to be in choir, most likely because I would be working at least two Sundays a month, I would be working with people more, since I take complaints and stuff like that and I’m still not full time.

Now, with the sorting job, I would be full time, get weekends off and spend all day with Monica. But, unfortunately, I wouldn’t be moving around as much, and I would be doing the same thing over and over, which at least up front, I can go from putting away clothes, to helping costomers, and putting things onto the shelves. I would have a job where I would know when I would almost every week. I don’t want to say that I would know for sure, since it might vary somewhat from time to time, but it would make hanging out with friends and family a lot easier. I wouldn’t have to deal with costomers in the back very often, but that might shove me back into the shell that I had been in before starting at Goodwill.

With both positions I am able to get insurance, which I need. I do not want to choose where I go just because I am able to work with Monica again. I need to choose because that is the best choice for me. I love Monica to death, but I have to be happy with where I am working also. I had hoped that writing this would help me bring my thoughts into perspective and help make my decision easier, but it hasn’t. :'( I know I don’t have a lot of time to choose, so I really need to get this made and quickly. I just have to hope it is the right decision.

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  1. Just a quick thought from dear old dad. You already know how to sort and stack things on shelves. You don’t know that much about the customer relations and managerial needs. Do you want to learn and grow or stick with what you know? What would give you the most job satisfaction? And what will this job give you for your future? One other important question right now, which job gives you the most money now and in future growth?

    I’m wondering if you still can’t be in choir if work takes two weekends a month. You still have the other two.

    More to think about for you, but I’m sure you can come to the best decision for you.

    I’ve started it for you, but I guess I’m telling you to make the good/bad lists for the jobs. The one with the most good things or at least the least bad things should be the one you go for.

  2. Although it would be wonderful to work with a great friend all day, you never know how long that would last. Something could come up that would move Monica to another position or even another workplace, and then you could be working with someone else entirely, possibly even someone you might not like. And working with the public can be very frustrating, but will also give you variety in your work day and your experience. But I agree with your dad – map out the pros and cons. It will be easier to analyze a straight list rather than random thoughts. Good luck!

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