Felony Franks

Last weekend, while in Chicagoland headlining at the Horeshoe Casino, Regis Philbin did NOT partake of the deep-dish Chicago pizza.  He apparently likes thin crust.  He did make a stop at a West Side hot dog stand.  Felony Franks is unusual in that it hires only former felons after they have served their time behind

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You’ll Look So Good That You’ll Be Glad That You Decided To…

“Smile Darn Ya, Smile.” Ok… combining two song lyrics from two different musicals: “Put on a Happy Face” from the just revived for the very first time on Broadway…Bye, Bye Birdie starring John Stamos.. not as the title character which 20 years ago, I could have envisioned given his character Uncle Jesse from Full House

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Road Work Ahead

Warm weather, baseball, county fairs, amusement parks, and Torn Up Streets.   Yesterday morning, I was informed that I needed to move my car.  I usually park across the street in front of the old school house to save on parking.  However, yesterday began the inevitable tearing up of the pavement and resurfacing… right on North

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