2-18-08 to 2-18-09


As taylhis pointed out in her recent post, today is the first anniversary of our foray into the blogging world.  I have found it to be a very fun yet therapeutic experience in recalling the good and otherwise events of the last year.  Memories that will be enshrined in this site forever unless something totally unfortunate occurs.  Truly fantastic times spent with friends on and off stage, on vacation (still one of the greatest weeks I have ever had), and some family experiences thrown in.  Then, one of the hardest times I have ever had to endure in my 35 years.  I think about Ma2 everyday.  I just know that she is in a far better place looking down on all of us who loved her so much and is there giving me a good swift kick everytime I fail to meet my potential (or maybe it is just me, but knowing Emily as well as I do… I don’t think so).  So… here’s to taylhis, Derek, admin, and I.  The rest of you tangential posters are just as good, too.

8 thoughts on “2-18-08 to 2-18-09”

  1. Hmm? No comments on this? We”, let me be the first then, happy anniversary! I missed posting about it on my own blog (didn’t feel like posting… 😐 ), and it’s too late now. Oh, well.

  2. Sorry, taylhis, I think I accidentally deleted your comment as I was about to reply to it. Thanks and the same to My Food Chain Gang and Sub-sistence.

  3. Mary Schaufelberger

    I know this is an older post, BUT….forgive me for not being too computer smart. I appreciate the invitation to set up a blog. HOWEVER, how do I do it????

  4. Mary,
    Admin says he will email you the info about setting up a blog, however, he is very busy and forgetful, so if you don’t hear anything in about a week, just comment on this post again as a reminder. It’d be great to have a new addition to tangents!

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