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Last weekend, while in Chicagoland headlining at the Horeshoe Casino, Regis Philbin did NOT partake of the deep-dish Chicago pizza.  He apparently likes thin crust.  He did make a stop at a West Side hot dog stand.  Felony Franks is unusual in that it hires only former felons after they have served their time behind bars and are out looking for a job.

The menu is centered on crime: misdemeanor weiner, custody dog, probation burgers, etc.  No mention of justj’s mentioned Chicago style dog.. is that a crime?  A stand in Chicago that does not feature the Chicago-style version?

What do you think about the new stand?  I would say that I would be hesitant to purchase a hot dog from a former child molester or murderer.  And apparently, the press has been rather heated on the venue.

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  1. So many people won’t hire felons, so it’s good to have a place where they can work. Like any other business, people can vote with their feet so I don’t see why there should be bad press on it- let the people decide.

    The only thing I saw not mentioned that would make a Chicago dog was all-beef hot dogs. But doesn’t its Chicago location automatically make their hot dogs Chicago dogs? 😉

  2. Hmm, they need jobs, this place is giving them jobs. Sounds like a good thing all around. Why the bad press?
    They did their time and if they want to be productive members of society, it is time for society to accept them. I’d go if they had good food at reasonable prices and the place was clean. I only have problems with restaurants that don’t follow good health standards.

  3. Something tells me press is what they want, bad or good… I agree, give them a chance. “Felon” is such a bad word, but it doesn’t automatically mean the person was convicted of a violent crime.
    But yes, it is a crime for a Chicago hot dog stand to not carry a Chicago style dog. This is so unusual, that I would guess it’s not on the menu because it’s so obviously served – that’s the only way I can wrap my mind around it!

  4. There you have it, mystery solved – I looked at their menu, and they list all the ingredients of an official Chicago hot dog – there it’s just the regular dog.
    And they have a wordpress site, as pointed out by Hubby 😉

  5. Agreed… not all crimes are “violent” crimes and if those who are hired have paid their debts, then praise to the owner for having the courage to hire them.. A WordPress site… hmm.

  6. I understand everyone is entitled to their opinion, but for those who oppose Felony Franks, please consider this…the best way to encourage an x-offender to re-offend is to restrict their ability to become a positive member of society If they cannot even find a job making minimum wage, what do you think they may be pressured to return to? Have you been in a place where you lost everything, got busted, did time and are now trying to turn your life around? Think on this…for many of us, those in prison got caught, when you did not.

  7. Thank you for the comment BCM. Thank heaven for places like Felony Franks who do take the initiative in assisting those who have had a rough time find some kind of employment instead of the alternative.

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