HE’S BAAAAAACK! Anyone Up for Some Parkour?!


YES… it has been a mere 8 days since I have been able to access the internet.  Our connection via Verizon went down for the umpteenth time so my very Trekkie er… techie brother recommended that we make the switch to Time Warner high speed.  So, for a week I have been getting phone calls from ardent fans asking if I have been abducted  by aliens, fallen off the face of the earth, or just kidnapped by our friend from you-know-where.  Actually, I have gotten a bit accomplished in the past few days: watching the Yankees slip a game or two, memorizing some lines, checking out the county fair, playing some softball (now 3-0, thank you very much), reading a 600+ page book of which I have less than 200 to read, and song lead in church.  I did manage however to go out one day last week to borrow my brother’s computer to read my 81 emails and read a few posts from my co-tangenteers.  Minutes ago, I read another 81 emails (ironic) and am anxious to see how far I have fallen behind in the ranks of tangents.  Wonder if I get to read a take on the EXCELLENT  season premiere of The Office.

6 thoughts on “HE’S BAAAAAACK! Anyone Up for Some Parkour?!”

  1. The Office was great, but you already know that… Won’t have a write-up to read from me; I’ll let others do that, like Whatever. I don’t have time to write my daily post anymore, so I bet you’ll be leading me in posts in no time!
    Glad to have you back!

  2. Did you know that there are places called libraries, that — in addition to books — have computers to access the internet?

    And if you have a laptop, some businesses have free wifi for their customers.

    Heck, if asked nicely, I may have shared my internet experience.

    All I’m sayin’ is that you if you had really wanted to, you could have kept up with your blog… 😉
    Good to see you back online.

  3. Yes… that maybe true and I may live steps away from the library but as I mentioned, I only found time to make use of another computer for a one day for a short time. AH… life or something like it. But thanks for the advice 😀

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