Another Saturday… Another Storm


At least this one does not seem to pack the wallop of last week’s storms.  But we did have something in our little village that did not occur a week ago: the tornado siren went off just after 8PM.  Dad was out most of the day (failed to come home for mass as he said he would) and got home just in time as the brief but heavy storm let loose.  After the siren wailed, I went to the back porch to see what was happening… the sky did not look that bad.  The radio was no help… all I found was an Indians game and a remote from a C/W station.  Now if a local station was out and about you would imagine that they would say SOMETHING.  So, we found all kinds of info on the Toledo news.  Warnings and Watches but no actual tornadoes reported.  By this time, we had the neighbors, sister and kids, and sister-in-law and kids to keep us company.

And now, the storm has moved on to the east and is breaking up hopefully before it reaches the communities hit last weekend.  Hopefully, all y’all are safe out there, too!

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  1. Definitely strange weather lately. Last Sunday was sun-storm-sun-more rain… Friday I was working and it did the same thing, but only once. Sun, downpour for 10 minutes, then back to the sun which was then like a sauna for the next hour!

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