A Useless Bit Of Trivia For Today


While watching the Jay Walking segment on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, I was chatting with a friend about a device that most people use everyday.  In junior high, I was taught that a gentleman named Sir Thomas Crapper invented the flushing toilet.  I found out today that that bit of useless trivia is in fact incorrect.  It seems that Mr. Crapper was not a knight at all and only has patents that improved upon the device already invented by Sir John Herrington.  Sir John was a 16th Century author who installed a functional prototype in the facilities of his godmother, Queen Elizabeth I.

As for the brilliant contestants on Jay Walking, here is one sterling question and answer:

What did Alexander Graham Bell invent?


And another:

What was the Iron Curtain?

The Pittsburgh Steelers offense

Still another:

What is kept in Fort Knox?



What U.S. President had polio and needed a wheelchair to get around?

OH… the president in Pearl Harbor…. Churchill (not only a bad answer but another movie that we knew the ending to before it began only with the sappy love story attached)

I could have added this post to increase the genius blog, but hey… I needed one of my own.  And I was seriously fishing which is something I could have done nearly anywhere I looked in our little corner of the world today with all the flooding.

3 thoughts on “A Useless Bit Of Trivia For Today”

  1. And the girl who did not know what Mr. Bell invented is an intern on the show of Jay’s first guest: Ellen Degeneres

  2. A few years ago they had these really dumb girls as regulars on Jay Walking… I forgot their names, but they were hilarious. One would always look at the other one for the answer, and their combined answer was always dumb. But ever since they stopped appearing, I’ve noticed that some of those people just seem to WANT to appear dumb, to get the attention. But that Pearl Harbor one seems realistically dumb… hehe. I always enjoy the headlines segment, even though I never catch the late shows anymore.

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