Road Work Ahead

Warm weather, baseball, county fairs, amusement parks, and Torn Up Streets.   Yesterday morning, I was informed that I needed to move my car.  I usually park across the street in front of the old school house to save on parking.  However, yesterday began the inevitable tearing up of the pavement and resurfacing… right on North Michigan Avenue (aka ST.RTE 49).  This morning, I debated whether to drive in the pouring rain or endure the flag lady even after I went around the block to avoid the machinery going up and down the street.  I decided to stay dry.  Fortunately, the wait was not too long.  I was not needed at work right away this morning anyway since the truck was at least 2 hours late (good thing it was a small truck or I might still be there… then again a little overtime couldn’t hurt… me, anyway).  So…. if you are passing through NWO on OH RTE 49 be prepared for the red flags and revolving stop sign.

3 thoughts on “Road Work Ahead”

  1. Hit a similar backup on 66 the other day as well, AND we were running late for a movie. We did make the movie, but I realized that I just don’t have the patience for traffic jams anymore, especially when I’m in a hurry. It’s funny how UNused to traffic jams one can become!

  2. O/C when you are no longer in an area where traffic jams are EXPECTED… I would think you would become unused to them.

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