Moved in

I know that I haven’t written in about a month, but Tony and I have settled into my sister’s house, in a way. Most of our belongings are in storage at the moment, since we really only have one room to put our stuff in. I know Emmy said we can put things in […]

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New position

I have come to a decision on the new position at Goodwill. I will be taking the job in the back. At least for now. I was talking to Sarah and decided that right now, what is best for me is to have something steady, with set hours since I have all this other stuff

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I was called by the manager at Goodwill this morning. Starting Friday, I will be working two to three days a week at Goodwill!!!!! I know this is not going to be a very long blog, but I really do not care at the moment. I am just so happy about getting some money to

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Well, what can I say? I haven’t blogged in awhile and now I am writing about bad news. No, I was not fired from my job at Goodwill, but we have a leaky ceiling and we are closed for awhile, which means that everyone that works there cannot go to work until they fix the

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