Who knows right now?


Right now I do not feel very optimistic. I feel like crap and start crying at just the thought of what happened today. I have been a head cashier for about a month now and in that time, I have been over/under my drawer at Goodwill by five dollars or more at least three times! I have never had that problem before when I was a cashier and now I am worried that it could cost me my job! Tony and I cannot afford for me to have no job. If I lost my job, we would have to move in with his parents and that wouldn’t be good. They don’t really have any money either, plus, Amie just moved in with us! That isn’t fair to her.
I have been thinking of asking if Sarah would let me go back to being just a cashier, but what if she won’t let me, or my hours get cut back a lot! We can’t afford having my hours cut back anyway. I just don’t know what to do.
I have no job skills, no one is hiring anyway. I really don’t have any good talents to help me find a job.
I am good with animals, but I have no school to do anything with them, I cannot make a living out of babysitting, I would go crazy and eating chocolate isn’t going to help with anything! I just don’t know what to do anymore. Apparently math isn’t one of my strong suits anymore. I apparently can’t count money, no matter how many times I recount before I hand it back to the customer. Well, enough on that. Who wants to hear my rantings.

On a happier note, both Beru and Padme came out of their surgeries just fine. Padme is just finally starting to eat again, so hopefully she will put on the weight that she lost from not eating for a little less than a week. She was really starting to scare me, but she’s much better now. I know that most people didn’t know that Padme and Beru were going in to get spayed, but my blog wasn’t working for awhile. Unfortunately, Padme isn’t any more cuddly than she was before she was spayed, but at least she is healthy. I miss when she was a baby and would cuddle and want to be picked up and held. She’s still my little baby and I love her. She’s just growing up, that’s all. At least that what I try to tell myself.

3 thoughts on “Who knows right now?”

  1. I want to read your rants – that’s what blogs are for! 🙂
    For starters, pray a lot. God has a way of working things in a way that work out in the end – even if things are terrifying or seem completely horrible at the time.
    I’m very glad your cats came out ok – next up is our new puppy Gizmo, who’ll get snipped in a few months. I’m hoping it will somehow help with his housebreaking…
    I think you have more skills than you realize.
    I wish things would pick up around here enough for us enough to be able to go out more on the weekends and have you come babysit – that would be great for both of us, and I think the kids miss you 🙂
    Did you get the email I sent to you about the summer job in Port Clinton? I don’t know what the cost of rentals are out there, but it’s a steady job that pays cash AND involves animals… just a thought… Hang in there – I’ll be praying for you.

    1. I could always send you the days that I have off. I’m sure they could come over here. I could take them to our park. It would be fun!
      I did get your email, though trying to fit it in with Goodwill might be difficult, but I’ll pray about it and see what I should do. Thanks.

  2. Prayer- that’s the first thing I thought when reading this- I’m happy to see someone beat me to it. God is great, and wherever this situation goes, you can’t go wrong if He is the one leading you. 🙂

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