Moved in


I know that I haven’t written in about a month, but Tony and I have settled into my sister’s house, in a way. Most of our belongings are in

storage at the moment, since we really only have one room to put our stuff in. I know Emmy said we can put things in other parts of the room, but there still really isn’t much room. My cats have somewhat adjusted. They are getting there, but Padme and Grim are still trying to decide who is going to be in charge. None of my babies like the dogs very well. They prefer Oakly over Isaac, but than Isaac gets in their faces and whines. He also likes to herd them back into our bedroom. Beru and Darth seem to be accepting the dogs better than Wedge and Padme.

I am working at Midwest Tape with Emmy. Well, not exactly with her, since she is in the office and I’m working in the warehouse. There is no air condition in the warehouse, so it’s really hot, but I like what I am doing. I get to see so many different movies and walk around all day. I would hate to sit around all day. I get too fidgety. I do that sitting at the computer at home. I am always moving, getting up to move around before sitting back down. Tony doesn’t have a job yet, but we are being positive that he will find one soon. I know we are very thankful that Emmy and Bill are letting us stay here for now, but I know we both want a place of our own again.

If anyone has any more questions about Egypt, I will be answering those in my next blog.

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    1. I really don’t like living in/around a larger city. If I ever get the money, I am moving back to a smaller area. If I ever have a home job or something!

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