I was called by the manager at Goodwill this morning. Starting Friday, I will be working two to three days a week at Goodwill!!!!! I know this is not going to be a very long blog, but I really do not care at the moment. I am just so happy about getting some money to go into my bank account (to come back out, of course, for the wedding) and maybe this way, I will be able to keep a $1,000 in my account by the time I am done paying for things. If not, I will certainly be close to it. I cannot believe that this is happening. I still haven’t recieved a call from Movie Gallery, but with me having some money coming in with Goodwill, I am not as upset about it. Plus, with Sonic opening in June or sometime around there, I can always apply there if I need to or feel that I want to. But, YAY!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “YAY”

  1. CONGRATS! Will you be working at the outlet location in the Walmart Plaza until the new permanent location is ready for move-in?

    1. Yep, I will be working there and then in June I will be helping to get the other place all ready for the move in.

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