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People seem to be very interested in Tut. Not that I mind answering those questions, but questions don’t have to just be about Tut. My sister has asked to know more about Tut’s family, and apparently she wants to know everything! 🙂 Of course, I won’t write about everything, but I will try to put the important things in and if there are any specific questions about his family, I will try to answer those as well.

Tut was born into royalty and one of the children of Pharaoh Akhenaten and most likely his wife, Kiya. Kiya may have been Tut’s mother, but she was not Akhenaten’s chief wife. Tut’s stepmother, Nefertiti, was Akhenaten’s chief wife. Not is known about Kiya or Nefertiti. After the reign of Ay (He ruled after Tut and might have been Nefertiti’s father), Horemheb (one of Akhenaten’s generals) took the throne and decided to erase Akhenaten and his family from history. Thankfully, he didn’t erase everything, but he tried. Some historians think that Horemheb married Nefertiti’s sister, Mutnojmet, which if that is true, Horemheb would be Tut’s step-Uncle. Talk about a little weird! 🙂 After Horemheb, if he was indeed Tut’s step-uncle, Tut’s family’s reign was over.

Tut married his half-sister, Ankhesanamun. They had two still born children and they were later buried with their father. After Tut died, Ankhesanamun was married off to Ay. I do not think it was her choice, since she and Tut loved each other. But it certainly made Ay’s claim to the throne much more concrete. Besides being Tut’s grandfather, he would have married a queen as well! Royal blood always helps when trying to claim the throne.

Tut had at least six half-sisters and maybe a half-brother. People are sure if the Pharaoh who ruled for about a year after Akhenaten and before Tut was either Nefertiti or Tut’s older brother. Tut was about eight when he became Pharaoh. I think I answered most of the questions. If I missed any, I’m sorry. Just ask again and I will answer them.

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    1. Only if you’re looking at the Pharaoh’s family tree. Normal everyday people wouldn’t have married their siblings or other relations. It was frowned upon. For the royal family, it was all right because they were thought of as part god and since the gods married their family member, it was all right for the Pharaohs.

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