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I normally don’t do things like this, but since I have a blog, I might as well. I have decided what I want my first book to be and I have already started on the research.

I am going to write about Egypt! A young woman, early twenties, I think, is going to be touring Egypt and finds herself in Ancient Egypt. There she sees all the monuments in their glory and learns about Ramesses II and Nefertari. That’s all I’m giving up. So, any thoughts? Would anyone be interested in reading it? Of course, it could take years because of all the research to do.

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  1. I would read it.
    Of course, like any book I read, it would take me forever because I only read books for 10-20 minutes a day, not even every day. And I’d have to finish the Harry Potter series first – I’m on #5 now. I’m also re-reading my favorite book which I will use this opportunity to plug – it’s a must-read for any zoo lover! Monkeys on the Interstate by Jack Hanna.
    But yeah, I would be interested in reading a novel about ancient Egypt – sounds intriguing! The only way to complete it is to start writing! 🙂

    1. I would do book signings, but I don’t know about movie rights. I guess maybe if they let me in on it, so they don’t completely ruin my book while making the movie.

  2. I would be interested in reading it and not just because we’re related. 🙂 I got interested in Egypt after reading books by Elizabeth Peters. You might enjoy her books too. She writes mostly fiction but has a PhD in Egyptology so incorporates her knowledge of Egypt in her “Amelia Peabody” books. She has a couple of nonfiction books about Egypt as well under the name Barbara Mertz.

  3. The Amelia Peabody books are very well recommended. Unfortunately, they are also very far down on my list of things to read, so I can’t personally vouch for them. I think Grandma reads them, you could ask her.
    And of course I want to read it! I love that kind of thing!

  4. Um….duh…not just cuz you’re my sister…you know I love the egypt stuff…I mean come on how long did we stay in the egypt exhibit at the art museum?

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