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I was asked after my last post whether or not Tut’s body is on display anywhere. The answer is yes. Tut’s body is on display in his tomb, though whether that is open to the public right now or not, I am not very sure. I know that they had closed it to do some renovations, but whether or not it has been opened back up or not, I am not sure. When he officially went on display was back in 2007. At the moment, a replica of Tut’s body is touring with so many of his treasures from his tomb. I know I would love to see that exhibit, but I will neither be able to afford it or go to any of the places that are hosting it. Hoping for more questions! I love to research this topic!

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  1. Ok, more questions… Did Tut have any brothers or sisters? Did he assume the throne when his parents died? How old was he when he became king? I think you’ve answered that one before, I just don’t remember.
    And seeing these pictures might help a little about not getting to see the real thing (can’t remember how to make a link in a comment, so just cut and past the long link below):

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