It seems like I have been getting sick a lot lately. Last Friday, I felt terrible after working all day. I had to call and let my leaders know that I wasn’t going to be at my first Bible study lesson! I didn’t feel any better by Saturday, but I was not going to miss

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Just updating

I finally have internet, so hopefully, I will be writing more often. I was working two jobs for awhile, just so we could pay bills and get food. I was working at KFC with Tony and at Goodwill. Thankfully, that is over with now. I was getting very stressed and Goodwill offered one of my

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How much…

I like to play with computers. Both hardware and software. I like to take them apart and then put them together again. My first computer was one I put together from bits and part. I’ve added this and that, played with software and hardware. And since I work in the computer field, it is like

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I’m curious…

Does anyone view the videos I post?  There have been no comments at all on either the Godtube one I posted two weeks ago, nor on the Archie videos.  Are they just uninteresting?  No time maybe?  I’m thinking of posting more videos, but if no one watches them then there’s probably no point. As for

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I have been finished with babysitting since Wednesday. I left and spent the night at my boyfriend’s grandma’s house for two nights. Let me telling you, these children really drain you. With the first child to arrive at 5:30 in the morning and the last two children to leave is between 8:00 and 10:00 at

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Missing Monday

Somewhere along the way I missed Monday.  Not really, but today seemed like a carbon copy of yesterday.  The problems that came up at work were the typical Monday problems.   Seems like people go away from their job for the weekend, and forget where they were on Monday.  Today was Tuesday, but it seemed like

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