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I like to play with computers. Both hardware and software. I like to take them apart and then put them together again. My first computer was one I put together from bits and part. I’ve added this and that, played with software and hardware. And since I work in the computer field, it is like getting paid to practice my hobby.

Many times I’ve helped friends with their computers. I’ve replaced hard drives, installed software, added memory and video cards for friends. There are times when they want to pay me for the things that I do. I feel a bit strange about taking money for helping my friends. I never know how much to ask or accept. After all, I am again getting paid for something I would do for fun.

Funny as in strange, my wife had the same problem. She was very good with everything involved in thread, yarn and material. She enjoyed working and creating with these things. Again she would help out friends when they needed a bit of sewing, knitting or some other needlecraft done. She often wondered about how much to accept or charge when friends wanted to pay her.

I have no such worries when I go to work. I know what I get paid to do my work. Why would I think that something less than my hourly rate is to much too charge for computer work. Someday I may figure it out.

2 thoughts on “How much…”

  1. I know what you mean. My brother’s girlfriend brought over her daughter’s computer so I could get it connected to the internet again- malware had taken it out. It didn’t take me a long time, but they insisted on paying me a significant (it seemed to me) amount.

  2. Sometimes people enjoy paying others to do work they don’t know how or don’t have the time to do. Sometimes it’s easier to pay someone up front rather than to feel indebted. And sometimes, it’s an expression of thanks. If someone offers an amount, accept and say thank you. If they ask you how much you charge, I would tell them how you feel about doing it as a hobby. Honesty is the best policy. You don’t want to refuse their payment to be nice and then have them start to take advantage of your services… been there, done that.

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