Not much going on


Don’t I wish!! At work I have a Major project again or is that still. I need a break!!! I’ve scheduled time off between Christmas and New Years, but that is still over 1 month away. Oh what fun.

Time…. If I could save time in a bottle, and words could make wishes come true… (Jim Croce “Time in a Bottle”) Again, something I would wish for. Just a little more time.

Longer… Longer than there’ve been stars up in the heavens… (Dan Fogelberg “Longer”) Yep, longer than that and still.

Day… One more day, one more time, one more sunset, maybe I’d be satisfied (Diamond Rio “One More Day”) But then again….

Life… I know I’ll often stop and think about them, In my life I love you more (Lennon/McCartney “In my life) Like now maybe?

Sanity… I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell. I know right now you can’t tell (Matchbox 20 “Unwell”)
Sometimes life just goes that way.

Reminiscing … The memories come along Older times we’re missing Spending the hours reminiscing (Little River Band “Reminiscing”) Yep, been doing a lot of that.

Why all the songs. Many with special meanings to me, some I just like the words, but today they all project just a little bit of what I am thinking. Much easier sometimes to use the words of others, when they match your thoughts.

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