I have been finished with babysitting since Wednesday. I left and spent the night at my boyfriend’s grandma’s house for two nights. Let me telling you, these children really drain you. With the first child to arrive at 5:30 in the morning and the last two children to leave is between 8:00 and 10:00 at night, it is a long and tiring day, but to do so for an entire month almost, it was so tiring, especially since I do not really sleep that well anyway. Sometimes I feel like I was not really helping my friend, but she insists that I did a lot to help her out, and she did not know what she would have done if I had not agreed to help her out. I had to take about three classes so I was qualified to help, but apparently my friend really appreciated my help, and I am glad that I was such a help to her. That is why I went over there anyway. She wanted my help and after I met some of those kids, I could not leave her by herself, they really start gettin on one’s nerves and just grate them against themselves. I really do not know how my friend’s mom can handle it, but this is what she said she wanted to do, and that is what she is doing now. I love kids, but after helping my friend babysit these five kids, I am really wondering if I want any of my own. There was one little girl that was a sweetheart, but I know that not all children are like she is. Maybe I will want some of my own, but of course not until I am married and even then, not until at least a year into the marriage so I can have that time to work on making my marriage stable and steady to be able to put children into the mix.

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