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I finally have internet, so hopefully, I will be writing more often. I was working two jobs for awhile, just so we could pay bills and get food. I was working at KFC with Tony and at Goodwill. Thankfully, that is over with now. I was getting very stressed and Goodwill offered one of my co-workers a promotion. She took it, which gave me her job. I would be working the morning shift which would give me close to 30 hours a week, which was what I needed! For a couple of weeks now I have been working the morning shift, but wait…there is more to my tale! I am being promoted as well! Kelsey is now head cashier and starting Saturday, I will begin my training for head cashier! That will give me at least 35 hours a week! Which definitely helps since Tony and I now have four cats in our house.
Padme is not happy with us, but I am hoping that she will calm down after a week or so. If she doesn’t, they will have to go back, but she calmed down after we brought home Beru, so we are hoping that she will calm down with Darth and Chewie soon enough. I love them all, but Padme is my baby! She is so spoiled and I know it’s my fault, but I cannot make myself regret what I have done with her.

In a couple of weeks, my little baby and her sister, Beru, will be getting fixed and I (and Tony) are hoping that Padme will become calmer and want to cuddle again. That is one of the things I miss from when she was a kitten. She loved to cuddle. Now, she loves to play. I have to say that that is all right too. I get plenty of picture opportunities from that. Though, of course, at the moment, she is being grumpy and anti-social.

Tony and I now have a roommate. Amie has move and is spoiling my little babies. Not that I need any help with that any!

Well, I guess that is the main things to update, since my lap is being occupied by one of my kittens, which makes it a little difficult to type.

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  1. Thankfully you did not inherit your dad’s cat allergies, something which unfortunately afflicts me also otherwise I would have at least a half dozen cats, I’m sure – I love them!
    So happy about the update, great to hear from you!

  2. nice to have you back in the mix! There are many changes coming up w/tangents… hope you’ve been keeping up 🙂 if not, take a look at the announcements from the admin 🙂

  3. Nice update. Congrats and best wishes on the promotion! Sounds like a most “Wretched hive of scum and villainy” with all those cats 😉

  4. Congratulations on the job promotion! Knowing where money is coming from and the fact that you know you will be getting some relieves a LOT of stress.

    I love my cat, but I don’t think I could do with four. I think I’m a one cat woman!

    It’s nice to see you blogging again! Welcome back!

  5. Great to have Froggy back!!
    @Draclet – you comment on tangents a lot – time for you to start your own blog? I will let Justj take credit for you in the contest, if you do start one, but mostly, I’d just like to read what you have to say elsewhere besides in the comments sections… 🙂

  6. draclet, that website is hilarious. I’ve been there before, but seeing all the new ones is a definite uplift. “The postman was delicious.” 😀

    And congrats again froggy, as I just posted in your new post as well. 🙂

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