Say…. FART

No.. honestly, the photographer for our big Jamiahsh family portrait used that in an attempt to get a few of the more rambunctious models to cooperated.  A certain young man chose to say “gingivitis” instead (bad teeth, Noah?).  In any case, today was the big family portrait day.  It probably has been a good 10

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Changing Drawers

You know sometimes in my off-and-on 20 years in retail, I have at times questioned the hiring of certain individuals.  I don’t think I have ever questioned it more than a current co-worker who has had three months total retail experience after driving truck for how many years he did that.  Two TOTALLY different worlds

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Weird Wednesday

Wednesday nights have been really strange at work as of late.  This past Wednesday was no different.  A female customer (who sorry to say looked as if she was a few Aces short of a full deck) asked me if we carried fresh cranberries.  Legitimate question.   I politely explained that we did not.  After I

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