Say…. FART


No.. honestly, the photographer for our big Jamiahsh family portrait used that in an attempt to get a few of the more rambunctious models to cooperated.  A certain young man chose to say “gingivitis” instead (bad teeth, Noah?).  In any case, today was the big family portrait day.  It probably has been a good 10 years since the last one.  Looking at the old one, there are a few people it was deemed necessary to delete for one reason or other and Alex for one had those monkey ears hanging out and I still had a reasonable amount of hair on my head plus a few extra pounds (now it is the opposite on both counts).  There have also been a few additions to the family so it all balances out.  The last picture was more a photo of the children for the parents’ Christmas present.  This one included all 17 (or is it 18?) of us.

The day began at mass.  I was not aware that the choir sang this morning (it is not the third Sunday of the month.  Guess I should look at the schedule a bit more closely).  The choir master came down and told me to come up to the loft.  I was shocked to see Chad (who had just had gall bladder surgery on Thursday up there.  Better than expected but he did not do much.  I KNOW that the next time the choir sings is Christmas Eve at 9:30PM mass.  A half-hour earlier than normal (hope the Children’s mass at 7 is quick since we sing carols at 9).

Then it was off to break the camera.  It actually went quacked than I thought i had.  We arrived around noon and were finished by 12:20.  I think the most troublesome one was my 15 year old godson who really was not appreciative of being torn away from his Fortress of Solitude.  We asked him if he would do better if we showed him a picture of his girlfriend.  Still amazes me that he has found the time to be social enough for a girlfriend.  Guess there is someone for everyone.  Rather humorous with about 10 photographers offering placement suggestions.  Not me… I just went with the flow.  Wonder if she can photoshop a bit of hair to cover the glare that is sure to come. 😉

Today was also the combined three-store Christmas party.  Not for me… not that I am not a sociable person, someone needed to stay behind and run the store.  We now have Noble Romans pizza at the store.  The sign out front says “Made Fresh Daily.”  Apparently, we had a customer who took the sign a bit too literally as he called to place an order.  We are NOT a pizza parlor and do not deliver.  You have to buy and bake at home 😉  Kind of reminded me of the customer who called and inquired on our availability of breasts.  As reward for staying behind,  a pizza, 2 liter, and leftover cookies were delivered to me to take home.  We also have a stand up mascot of Noble Romans at the front of the store to greet the customers.  I do recall back in the day that  there was a Noble Romans in the Fort and vaguely remember said mascot in television ads.  I remember the tag for Godfather’s Pizza which was the apropos “Pizza You Can’t Refuse” but that is another chain.

Well… off to bed.  Early start tomorrow.

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  1. Hope to see the picture on the blog! We’ve been having a tough time getting our family pic scheduled and shot, and there are only 2 families that need to coordinate schedules-ours and the photographers! So kudos to you guys for getting everyone together!

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