Have to Watch Out for the Old Ones

Never a dull moment at a small four-aisle grocery!  Receiving prank phone calls, nasty notes from the boss telling you that you do nothing, and co-workers who (after 6 months on the job) still do not know what to do.  I thought I would help these two along by leaving polite notes reminding them of what needs to be done while they are working.  For the most part, they helpED and kept those who needed a little nudge busy.  That is until last night when I worked a whopping 4 hours and had a list of duties that I would normally need a full day to accomplish plus the addendum that the helpful notes I had been leaving “Will stop!”  So much for being helpful.

Today, no note… the boss left before I arrived at noon leaving one person in the store (at noon?!).  I was able to get sooooo much more done than any of her laundry lists demand me to do.  How long have I worked in retail?!  My leg is feeling SOOO much better… maybe not 100%, but I “See the light at the end of the tunnel!”  Of course, the last hour arrived leaving me there all alone because the other person leaves an hour before closing(never understood this).  Of course, the last hour is one of the busiest but somehow, I did get the coolers straightened and everything ready to lock up.

And now… to the title of my post.  Around 8:15 a female who is getting on in years, came into the store and purchased a good quantity of groceries.  I offered to help her out; however (like so many), she pushed the cart outside.  A short time later, after I realized she was not bringing the cart back, I went outside and noticed a surprise.  Inside the cart, I discovered a squarish green bottle and my jaw dropped as I read the  Jagermeister label.  No wonder she wanted to push the cart out herself (not that I’m 100% sure that it was hers).  And noooooo… it was not mine.  Warfarin and alcohol do not mix.  I showed a customer who I know well the bottle and we had a good laugh.  I took the bottle and left a note on the desk.  This might backfire as I may get yet another note about leaving notes.

6 thoughts on “Have to Watch Out for the Old Ones”

  1. So wait… YOU were getting nasty notes from the boss telling you you do nothing? Or were the notes you were writing nasty notes to your subordinates? And the woman was embarrassed about her liquor but then forgot it? I think I’m just so tired, and I should read this post tomorrow… entertaining still, though… 🙂

  2. I got a note from the boss saying pretty much that I do nothing. I had been leaving a list for the teenager on duty when I work with them in order to keep them busy.

    We do not sell alcohol so she did not buy it at our store. Just found the bottle in the cart 🙂

  3. Ooh… that clarifies things a bit 🙂
    I do wonder if it was hers, or just litter from passerby. Depends how much liquid was left in the bottle, I suppose. How scary is it to contemplate anyone driving drunk, and then adding the detail that the person is getting on in years – sheesh!
    And you took the bottle? Hehe…

  4. Scary, indeed! Yes, I did take the bottle inside the store (wouldn’t drink it if I could… never was fond of the Jagermeister. It was about half full (ever the optimist).
    And, one would hope that it was a passerby’s who was walking.

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