Seemed Like Old Times


Last week,  our primary nighttime closer turned in her two-week notice.  I was called into the cubby to discuss the issue.  “You have another opportunity coming your way.”  An opportunity that I DO NOT WANT!  I came out and told me employer that once my leg is fully healed, I am going to look for another job suited toward not only my gifts but also my epiphany of the last month or so.  I also told her that my outside commitments would not allow me to close 5-out-of-7 nights.  I think I am so at the point where I am almost burned out by retail.  I don’t know what it is.  I love interacting with people but I really want something different.

I guess my feelings on the matter were not taken into account as I will be closing every day I work (interfering with everything I am involved in outside of the store… board meetings, voice lessons, however my Sunday schedule will allow me to attend church).  But I am not complaining since this is the best I have at the moment.  I do have another week to hopefully arrange something with my vocal coach since I do have a recital for which I have a female lined up to perform a number with.

The boss has hired another adult.  Someone I am well acquainted with since she worked with me not only the last time I was at the store but also at the ol’ Wal*Mart.  I got to refresh her in some areas of the store… grinding meat, reducing meat, a little on the register, and a few other things.

Perhaps she will be inheriting some of these closing nights once she becomes better refreshed and more acclimated to the new owners.  Making an observation and not complaining but if I were managing a store with no more than 15 total employed, I would ask if it was acceptable to change someone’s schedule so dramatically, especially when the person affected has had a prior commitment approved on Thursday nights for nearly a year.  Some sort of compromise could still be reached.

Really not upset.  This just reaffirms my belief that there is something out there just waiting for me to grab hold of.

2 thoughts on “Seemed Like Old Times”

  1. I dunno if it’s acceptable for them to change your schedule so dramatically since I’m not sure under what circumstances you were hired under, etc. I do know that as a former small business owner, boss must do what’s best for business, not for employees unfortunately, which is why I never want to be boss again!
    I’m confident that this is part of God’s plan for you, and you should try your best to be patient and see what that is, hard as that may be. Sounds like you got an increase in hours (?), and if that is the case, is that really a bad thing in this age of unemployment and super high gas prices? Good luck with your new opportunity!

  2. No, not a bad thing in some regards but in relation to the commitments I had already made. But you are right, she had to do what was best for the store. I’m just thinking of the groups I became a part of. And yes, once again the need for patience has made itself known 😉

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