Weird Wednesday


Wednesday nights have been really strange at work as of late.  This past Wednesday was no different.  A female customer (who sorry to say looked as if she was a few Aces short of a full deck) asked me if we carried fresh cranberries.  Legitimate question.   I politely explained that we did not.  After I was asked the reason for this, I came up with the most logical response I could: I really do not think fresh cranberries would be a popular item in a small store at any time of year except for the holidays.

She then asked if we carried canned cranberries.  Those we do have!  She was not done.  Do you have cranberry juice in a glass bottle.  Unfortunately, we don’t.  The plastic bottle contains harmful chemicals that the glass does not.  She finally decided on canned cranberries.

I won’t go into the ordeal that the cashier went through as the customer attempted to purchase her cranberries with her electronic food stamp card.  But she did successfully make her purchase and proceeded on her way.   Interesting lady whom I had never had the pleasure of meeting before.  Hopefully, she enjoys those cranberries in whatever form they are.  It did bring back memories of a customer whom I actually know quite well who asked if we carried sun-dried tomatoes.  My former employer laughed at the audacity of such a question!  I’ll make a point to check on the availability of fresh cranberries and glass bottled juice on my next trip to Wally World.

4 thoughts on “Weird Wednesday”

  1. You may find fresh cranberries (I doubt it, they are a highly seasonal fruit), but I don’t think you will find many glass bottles cranberry juice. Plastic is cheaper, lighter and doesn’t break as easily.

  2. I was going to go with the seasonal guess as well. People who run stores shouldn’t laugh at their customers; that’s bad business. Glad to hear you handled her politely.

  3. @ justj… my thoughts exactly.
    Taylhis, if I recall the incident, he laughed after the customer left the store and thought it a strange request.
    @ derek, I agree entirely!

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