Life Goes On

There’s not a lot to write about in my life.  I tend toward things remaining the same in my life, nothing really new that I haven’t already mentioned in other writings (back when I used to write…).  Still at the same job, doing the same thing, going to church, leading 4th and 5th grades, haven’t […]

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The Handheld Addiction

From the dawn of the console video game system- well, from the Atari VCS/2600 anyway, close enough to the beginning in any event- I have been an avid partaker of home video games.  Starting with the Atari, then moving onto Colecovision, NES, Sega Master System & Genesis, then slowing down a little, eventually getting a

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What’s old is new

Isn’t that a common statement for fads and fashion?  Well in this case I am referring to something else.  Once upon a time, one Nolan Bushnell founded a gaming company that would become big- very big.  In 1977 they would put out not the first, but the most popular video gaming system of the time

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A Retrogaming Post

As I promised to JustJ, my next post is a retrogaming one!  I decided to make it about a single game, one that spawned many versions and was the first arcade game from Nintendo’s famed Shigeru Miyamoto, a new hire at the time who was charged with making a game that would be used in

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Legend of Zelda

Okay, I’m shifting gears for a post.  I really have nothing exciting to report for the last couple of days.  The second 6th-grade day went much like the first, though my perception of it was better because I really enjoyed working with the kids.  5th and 6th are probably my favorite age group to work

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The Nerd

Since my friend C is in the play called The Nerd (hopefully still is, considering his medical troubles as of late) I thought I would share something I embarrassingly have enjoyed watching on the internet.  Embarrassing because it’s not exactly family friendly.  In fact, if you have young ones around, do not watch any of

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My life is so uninteresting I am seriously considering a hiatus right now.  I am a bit depressed that there is such little interest in my blog.  True, I don’t exactly advertise it outside of a link in my signature at a site I don’t post much at, but I would have thought some would

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Still working on the HPX page

So… take a break with this hilarious video titled The Great Office War.  I’ll see if I can dig up some others. So this is the secret of teaching success! [teachertube][/teachertube] In case the embedded teachertube video above isn’t working (didn’t work for me) here’s the link, along with a couple just for fun: How

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