And now, to rest…

Hey, I’m back!  Ok, you never knew I was gone since I barely post.  Well, I have something to post about now.  Camp 2012.  Coming soon, but first a rest. Boy, you can almost hear the crickets chirping around here lately, partly due to me of course.  I do know the situations of two of […]

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Thinking of a good title is difficult.  While some of the suggestions were good, I wasn’t in love with any of them and I’m not sure yet how much I love this one.  CAST is an acronym- Christ, Acting, Singing, and Teaching.  I don’t do much of teaching anymore, but I still do once a

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The Singing Disciple?

Still working on a title.  I want something that somewhat describes me, but not something a lot of people use.  In this example, there is a gospel group called the Singing Disciples, so maybe that one is not so good.  The singing photographer?  Erm, no.  I would stress my born-again life over my car job. 

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Site news

Sorry all for the lack of posting and blog-reading lately.  This show, and this job, have kept me quite busy lately.  The blog hasn’t been a high priority when I do have time so it kind of just slid to the backburner.  Anyway, as you can see I changed themes again and got rid of

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Still alive…

…I think. Haven’t felt much like blogging lately. Tired, somewhat overworked from my car job. Last week I subbed for the first time in over a month (español), but still did cars four of the five days. Subbed today (7th LA), still hoping for tomorrow. Sorry I haven’t been reading all of your blogs lately

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Site update

I finally added a link to Mare-Mare’s site under friends on the right, and she’s right at the top of the list too (nothing to do with alphabetical order or any such nonsense like that now… 😉 ). Maybe now I will remember to visit her site more often. 😛 Derek

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