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There’s not a lot to write about in my life.  I tend toward things remaining the same in my life, nothing really new that I haven’t already mentioned in other writings (back when I used to write…).  Still at the same job, doing the same thing, going to church, leading 4th and 5th grades, haven’t been in a show since December, still never go out socializing, etc.  As retrogaming me I did get two new products toward that end.  Well, one has been ordered but not shipped yet as they never emailed me on it.  That would be a small bluetooth game controller called the Zeemote that I understand actually works with my phone.  You see, my phone has crippled bluetooth (oddly by HTC, not AT&T) that doesn’t allow most game controllers to function.  People have bought and used Wiimotes with Android, but any phones like mine that use HTC Sense cannot use this and other controllers.  In fact the one I ordered won’t work as a controller, but as a generic input device that replaces the touch keyboard.  As such, it has to be enabled only when used, then turned off when done so the touch keyboard will work again.  Oh, well.  The other item I ordered and have been using is a Supercard DSTwo for my DSi.  This allows me to play older games on the DS, though it lacks good Atari and Genesis emulators, and some emulators don’t exist at all like Intellivision and Atari 5200/7800.  Of course newer devices like Playstation, Saturn, N64 and later generations can’t be reasonably emulated on the DS.

So, other things?  I have my eye set on a musical production called Noah next fall (same group as Wonderful Life), or if not MoS will be doing Dracula the Musical, another co-production with another group like they just did for Jesus Christ Superstar.  Six weekends- wow.  I just went to see it today- it actually wasn’t that bad.  I think they toned down the original to make it less disrespectful of our Lord and Savior, but there were still a few of those elements there.  I suppose there is only so much one can do without starting to rewrite it.  It’s a little surprising though that they did anything at all, not being a Christian group.  Do either of my readers happen to know if there are character roles in Dracula besides the title role?  I fully expect that role to go to their resident lead.  I suppose I am not a romantic lead type in any event, which is part of the role, in a way.  Still, he is part character like Jekyll and Hyde (same writer by the way) so who knows?  Maybe the lead will be busy with other things.

On a similar note, can anyone see me as Archibald in Secret Garden?  That’s a role I still want to do at some point if the show isn’t completely dead.  There’s also Les Mis, but there is truly small hope in that show for the foreseeable future.

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  1. I do not know the answers to any of the questions you asked. There is a website that we use to help choose shows which is very helpful and might have some answers:
    It would be cool if you were in Noah, if I’m guessing correctly what it’s about. I’ve had the privilege of getting to see a few plays based on Biblical stories recently, and they were quite enjoyable!

  2. Thanks for the link! Another bookmark, to go along with . If only they had Dracula or Noah in their listing, oh well. Yes, Noah is a musical about the story in Genesis. I am waiting to hear back from the group about which one it is. I found a couple on the web including the large-scale production from that Christian theatre company in PA and another 2005 musical from writers in the UK.

  3. Dracula was on Broadway a few years ago with Michael Crawford, I believe. Don’t know too much about it only that it began and ended rather quickly. Archibald would be a good role.
    Our summer theatre did SG a while back ( think I was in Fiddler, or Joseph that summer).
    Noah sounds good. If I’m not mistaken FCF is doing Children of Eden NEXT summer.

  4. I forgot to mention, even without the existence of a resident lead, I would not be cast as Dracula any more than Kevin Sorbo would be cast as Superman- a very distinct, well-known look that I do not possess. I am looking forward more to Noah in any event.

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