Legend of Zelda video bonanza


On the topic of The Legend of Zelda I brought up a couple of posts ago, here are a few videos I turned up at Youtube/Google Video.  Enjoy!


Hilarious live action parody.  College video, so has some foul language at a couple of points.


Japanese Legend of Zelda dance.  ‘Nuff said.


Different live action video.  Funny soundtrack too.


Remember I mentioned getting so into the first Zelda that I had a book of maps I drew?  Well, this could have been me if I had a video camera at the time and was more outgoing…


Legend of Zelda the movie!  Wait, what was that release date again?



Two in one- Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda live in concert!  Be warned, this is a two hour video and has the music from these games in the styles of Jazz, Latin, Country and Bluegrass.  Performed September 14th, 2003 at the Nihon Seinenkan Hall in Tokyo, Japan.  I haven’t watched this yet but it looked interesting enough to post here.

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