My life is so uninteresting I am seriously considering a hiatus right now.  I am a bit depressed that there is such little interest in my blog.  True, I don’t exactly advertise it outside of a link in my signature at a site I don’t post much at, but I would have thought some would post here outside of the three regulars (and one irregular).  I am also disappointed in myself at not going after a new job.  Subbing has barely paid the bills, and now I am one month into no income.  At one time I had hoped to supplement subbing with some sort of computer-based business like an ebook or computer repair, but it’s looking like that end is not only dead but rotting away…

Maybe I can think of something to post every now and then, or maybe something will happen that will give me something to post about, but until then it doesn’t look good for this blog.  However, I know my mood is down right now so I won’t make any decisions until it improves.

I know I used to post school news, but all I have really read in the last few months was so-and-so teacher has improper relations with his or her students and so-and-so gets in trouble for showing their Christianity.  In other words, nothing worth posting, at least here.  This kind of stuff is just too common and too sickening.  Maybe retrogaming news?  There was a new release of Gamebase Amiga recently.  Get this package, WinUAE, and a few Kickstart ROMS and you’re all set to go with playing old amiga games.  Another package for Amiga if you want to do more than play games is AmigaSys 4.

So, until later.

EDIT: Hm, this new post seems to have broken the embedded video from Friday.  Even though no one showed any interest in it anyway here’s the direct link: I Pledge Allegiance to the Lamb

EDIT 2: Video looks to be working again.

3 thoughts on “Hiatus?”

  1. I think you need to advertise yourself more, if you want blog readers.

    I post my blog address on other sites. One of the sites has quite a few links to my blog, another has exactly 0. Hmmm

    I think it has to deal with who is curious about the people they converse with.

    Post away, while I don’t always comment on your posts, I do find them interesting. But then again, I like finding out more about the people I meet.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, how can I catch up if you don’t stop posting…. 😉

  2. You can catch up to me quite easily if I bring the posting down a few notches, even if I do continue posting. You’ll probably never catch up to the other two posting machines though. Even though L isn’t posting much these days, once number four arrives she’ll be back in business. 🙂 Don’t worry, even when I was posting semi-daily I was resigned to the fact that I would never catch up either. 😉

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