Help save the FROGS!


I have just finished watching a show on Animal Planet and it both disturbed me and gave me some hope. It was called The Vanishing Frog, and so many of our frogs are dying out because of a disease called chytrid fungus. This disease is spreading quickly throughout the entire world and so far, 33% of our frog population is in danger! As many of my friends and family know, frogs are my favorite animal and I want to be able to help them. There is a website, and I am going to find a way to help out as much as possible. Frogs are very important for our medicines as well. If that doesn’t help convince you the importance of frogs, I’m not sure what will. I would like to ask everyone that I know to help me with my quest to save my favorite animal from going extinct. Spread the news around to anyone you know. We cannot sit around and do nothing while these animals are dying! Things that affect frogs will eventually affect us as well. To save these frogs, we have to start now! We cannot wait, for there are frogs dying and without them, we are in danger! The show made me hide my face many times because of all the pictures of dead frogs and I refuse to sit around and let them continue to die! Please, help me!

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