Thanks To The Paper Fairy


It began yesterday – my daily newspaper arrived on my doorstep by 3:30 pm.  Were the kids off school today?  That was my first thought since our paper is never at our house before 4:30, even when the paper boy doesn’t have school.  But I’ve talked to some friends, and whenever their paper kids are off school, they get their paper much earlier than usual.  So once I determined the kids were not off school, I was excited to think that we might have a new paper kid, especially when today’s paper was here by 2:00pm – unheard of.  So what is going on?

I’ve come to the conclusion that there must be a ‘paper fairy’ – someone who is delivering me a paper other than my regular delivery boy.  I made this deduction when I returned home this evening to find another newspaper on the doorstep, in addition to the one that arrived before 2 when I went out and discovered it.  So who is the kind soul who is doing this?  Where are they getting the extra paper?  Is the newspaper office making a mistake and they have me down for double delivery?  Are they charging me for two?  Did my delivery kid go off the deep end?  I have been extra vocal in my complaints about the delivery kid lately – maybe someone just wanted to shut me up.  The last straw was when the kid delivered my paper in a plastic bag on a rainy day last week, and the paper still got soaked somehow.  I hate to call the office and complain since he’s just a kid, but that day I thought about it.

So anyway, I thought if the paper fairy is reading my blog, at least I’d thank him or her – I do appreciate your efforts.  It’s been nice to participate in conversations about the paper since for the past two days, I’ve had time to glance at the headlines before I go out for the evening.  And if the double delivery continues, chances are between my two daily papers, on rainy days at least one will be dry!

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  1. It seems strange that you got the paper at 2PM… is that not before school lets out? Kid’s parents dropping them off when the kid has after school activity or is sick? But our delivery times can be sporadic also.

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