You Know It Is The End Of The Month When…


a woman and her four kids come into the store and use the ELEVEN W.I.C. vouchers she started the month off with at once.  Ordinarily, you would expect people to come in and use the last one or two coupons they have at the end but to use all of them at once.  Apparently, the customer’s husband was curious to know if she had any left.  Unfortunately for her, we were out of one dozen large eggs which are the only kind allowed… no 1.5 dozen, no jumbo, no substitutions or we risk losing our license to be able to take the Women, Infant, and Children certificates which are given to those in I believe it is more medical than financial need…(no, I can’t really say that because I know one individual who is in a totally financial situation who at first was too proud to admit that she needed assistance).  However, I had to question the need when at one time you come in to get 6 dozen eggs, 9 gallons of milk, 8 boxes of cereal, and other miscellaneous odds and ends at one time.  What have they lived on throughout the month if you need to be on the program.  She informed us that she forgot to use them.  And the program is changing as of tomorrow whereby they can start to get fresh produce items as well as the usual milk, eggs, juice, and cereal.  After I completed the large cart full transaction,  I was glad that it was nearly time to go home.  But not complaining, I do have a job 😉

3 thoughts on “You Know It Is The End Of The Month When…”

  1. Hmmm… it sounds as if something truly needed shouldn’t be forgotten, especially in the case of it being of monetary value and could be a benefit to others. There are some things about that system that need to be tweaked, apparently, but at least they do have limits on certain things that can’t be bought – like lottery tkts, alcohol, tobacco, etc.

  2. AH…. don’t even get me started on the food stamp mess! You can’t buy tobacco or alcohol but you can buy candy, soda, energy drinks, but who am I?

  3. Hmm… maybe one can be sustained on energy drinks alone and they are secretly nutritious… nah, the system needs to be fixed it seems!

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