What was this?

Ok, I found an empty draft of a post (dated 21-Sept-2009), and I thought I would put something in it. I have no idea what I was thinking of at that point (the draft was empty). So let’s talk about the word draft or draught.

Draft in this case means a rough draught or is that ruff draft or maybe rough draft. Usually a paper or other writing before it has been checked or proof read.

Of course you can feed your draft horses in the drafty barn, drinking draft beer while waiting to be drafted.. Huh? Or maybe you could be a draftsman drawing up plans to determine how close you need to be to get the full effects of drafting while racing for NASCAR. Me, well I could check the draft on the fireplace this winter while setting up a game of draughts to play with my youngest when she comes home. But I really wish someone would make a draft on their bank and send it my way?

More on fun English words at a later date….

2 thoughts on “What was this?”

  1. Can’t think of any more good words at the moment. Right now only a few like whole & wail. I could eat a whole pizza or one donut hole. Or I could wail as I watched the humpback whale submerge.

  2. I have about 18 drafts waiting for me, and I don’t mean in the fridge – they’re things I’d eventually like to put on my blog some day… haven’t come across one without anything in it though – usually I begin a post and at least put a vague title that would describe the impending post.

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