I’ll have a marmalade sandwich, please.


Thank you sir!

I wrote a little blog on Winnie-the-Pooh, and my oldest daughter reminded me of the bear she liked. While I don’t remember reading Paddington Bear to my daughters, I do remember something about the little bear.

From the title, you can guess that maybe marmalade sandwiches had something to do with Paddington. You would be correct. I do believe that was his favorite thing to eat. He also liked to drink cocoa. Now, I’m not sure how well cocoa goes with marmalade, but he is a bear from darkest Peru.

Now as with all children’s books, the title character did not always do the right thing or behave correctly. He was always very polite, but trouble would occur. He did always try to do his best. Can anyone ask for anything more? Is this the appeal to my oldest daughter, a little bear that has a tendency to get into trouble?

Now of course if you know Paddington, you picture a bear in a hat, duffle coat and wellingtons. He almost alway had his hat , and received the coat shortly after he was found. The boots came later.

There are now books and movies (videos from tv shows) about Paddington, so it isn’t too late to introduce yourself to this little bear from darkest Peru.

Other famous bears (just to be fair)
The original Teddy Bear
Balou the Bear (from the Jungle Book)
The Berenstain Bears
Corduroy Bear
The Three Bears
Smokey the Bear
Gladly the Cross-eyed Bear…

Oh yes, and the Chicago Bears 😉

Which bears did I miss?

10 thoughts on “I’ll have a marmalade sandwich, please.”

  1. Teddy Ruxpin? I vaguely remember Paddington and his attire.

    Gummy Bears…”bouncing here and there and everywhere,”

    Yogi, BooBoo, and Cindy Bear

    Barney Bear (MGM character)

    That’s enough from me.

  2. Bear in the Big Blue House (though he’s not a classic bear like the ones you had mentioned), care bears (again, not really classic, but I got here late!), Br’er Bear, Goldilock’s 3 bears, Snuggle Bear…

  3. Being the Muppet fan that I am, how could I forget Fozzie?

    I didn’t think long enough from the looks of the responses, I’m sure we had more than 1 Care Bear, and gummy bear. I certainly remember Yogi and company. Barney Bear, he escapes me and I was trying to forget Teddy Ruxpin.


  4. And dig into your portable encyclopedia of Disney knowledge (ie, the brains of you and your daughters) – aren’t there at least a few famous bears in the Disney collection? You mentioned Baloo, there are also the Country Bears and Little John from Robin Hood.

  5. I also had a stuffed bear named Sam. She was a girl, but it was not short for Samantha. My Lizzie Bear, and K’s Brownie, sent from Great Poppy in CA. Bear in the Big Blue House, while maybe not a classic, is still an awesome show, though you forgot Ojo. I cannot think of any other Disney bears off the top of my head, but we did forget a very important children’s bear:
    Maurice Sendak’s Little Bear.
    Baby Bear from Sesame Street
    The bear from Snow White and Rose Red
    Kit and Rebecca (Becky) from Tailspin
    The Bad News Bears
    All right, that’s all we can think of now.

  6. I don’t think Great Poppy sent Lizzie and Brownie, I think it was Aunt Barbara? I’m not sure, but it wasn’t Great Poppy.

    I have no idea who Ojo is.

    taylhis, yes, there are a lot of Disney bears, I can’t remember all of them.

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