Tonight was our big six hour sale.  I’m not even sure exactly what was on sale except for one thing: Ground Chuck was $1.69/lb.  At 2, I was trying to get milk stocked (OH, that was 2.29/gallon… reg. 3.19), the hamburger filled, then the signs hung for promotion.  At three, there were already customers gathered around the meat case as I filled the space.  It did not take long before the dulcet tones of “Second checker please” came over the intercom.  Around 4, two other associates came in and one left.  Thank goodness manager Diane stayed until 7.  I don’t think I have ever spent so much time in the meat room grinding as I did tonight while making sure the chuck was kept full which was not easy.  It seemed that every half-hour I was back grinding some more… even when I had some done ahead.  Before I left at nine, I noticed that the strawberries (which were not even part of the sale) were really low.  I think they are 1.69 for a 1 pound package.  Wonder whatever happened to the days when they were so much a quart.

Before leaving, I mentioned to my young protege that he left two things in the store the other night.  Something which I put in my car to give him the next time I saw him but others saw them first and made comment of . As if I would EVER take up that hobby.  He mentioned that he has given up the smokes but would take them “just in case.”  I told him it was a good thing for several reasons least of which being the outrageous price.  Think he was worn out in the 5 hours he was there.  Just gave him a pat on the back and welcomed him to the wonderful world of grocery.  For his first week, he has done a commendable job.

3 thoughts on “6 HOUR SALE”

  1. Well…. that IS a good deal for chuck…
    And I just KNOW that you are a closet smoker, don’t lie 😉

  2. D… we have a couple a few times a year. I think the last one was on a Friday. Unfortunately, it was during the day until like 5 so did not work as well as it did this time.

    Taylhis, the one and only time I have ever smoked was during a scene in class in which I played one Rick Stedman who was demonstrating the chimney on his improved drawing for Willum’s building.

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