Look For Him Tonight


My middle brother and his son are going to be at the Great American Ball Park for the Chicago Cubs-Cincinnati Reds game tonight.  When I found out that Chad and Alex were going to the big city by themselves, I said “I hope they don’t get lost.”  Chad got lost driving home from a town 8 miles away. Myself, I just can’t find the destination I am going to but have never been lost. However, I believe they went on a charter bus.  I remember back in the day when my elder sibling would go to his friend’s house and open up his COMPLETE sets of baseball cards and trade them away… not some of his brighter moments.  Our parents or his godfather would spend good money on these sets.  He would even “autograph” cards himself which pretty well made them worthless collectible wise.  During several summers, Chad, his friend, along with “E-town’s Number One Fan” rode the bus to Wrigley to watch their beloved team play.  Last year, Chad and our Aunt LuAnn rode the rails to Chi-town and watched the Cubbies lose.  Lu wanted to keep her tally of MLB ballpark visits up but Uncle Bob had no desire to go with them.  Some year (especially if the Bronx Bombers are in town), I must make an effort to go.

2 thoughts on “Look For Him Tonight”

  1. AWESOME! Wish I had read this before the game was over and I would have looked for him. Wonder if the charter bus waited through all FOURTEEN innings of that GREAT game? CUBS WIN!!!!!

  2. Unfortunately for Chad… this was Saturday night’s game in which the Cubs lost in Extra Innings. That did not stop him from trash talking after the Yanks increased their lone first place standing on Monday night. But Fenway is calling!!!

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