From kids to kars.. er, cars


It looks like this may truly be the end for the summer, but it is also a beginning.  I was able to secure jobs for the last three days.  I even had a job for this morning, but I canceled it when I was still awake at midnight and it required an earlier start.  I stupidly took a nap yesterday afternoon so that affected my being able to get to sleep.  Monday was an extension of Friday as it was a two-day assignment.  It was a light-duty assignment since it was an assistant position.  I was pleasantly surprised though to find the assistant I subbed for had a paid lunch-duty assignment, so the lower-paying assistant assignment was offset a little by this.  Too bad my Wednesday assistant assignment didn’t have such a thing.  It’s the end of the year though, so I take what I can get.  The two assistant assignments differed somewhat in that the first was there for a group of five kids (four actually since one has been out of school for the last couple of months) while Wednesday my attention was focused on just one boy with autism.  For the first I was on hand for the rest of the class as needed, which wasn’t much being the end of the year, and for the second I stayed around this one boy, but did help his neighbor too who needed it at times.  Across from him was another boy with albinism- the second I met this year.  As seems to be standard with this condition, he had vision problems which required extra-large textbooks and he had to wear sunglasses and a hat outside.  There really wasn’t a lot of academic work being done on these last few days as the grades had already been turned in.  There was a lot of cleaning and turning in books and extended recess times.  There was a lot of letter writing in one of the classes (imagine writing a letter- at least half a page each- to every student in the class.  They were doing only five a day, but still very monotonous.  They also did math speed drills, practicing the times tables.  I also did a lot of copying.  Well, at least I was paid.  It was also a rest in a way which is perfect for this time of year.  Tuesday was completely different.  You already know about the fire, but aside from that it was a very normal teaching day with math, reading, and so on.  I didn’t do much teaching though- a lot of facilitating.  Get them started on something, and off they go as I walk around keeping them on task.  I saw one of my now-former weekend kids, but only for math.  The teacher I subbed for did advanced math.

As I write this I am still trying to secure a job for tomorrow, but I won’t be surprised if nothing turns up.  One district is already out of the running.  Monday however, I start on something new.  I will be training to take pictures of cars for ads.  Actually, I think I mentioned this in another blog post so I won’t repeat it, but now I have signed the contract and have an official starting date.  He is even allowing me to do my usual week at camp, which is coming up in less than three weeks.  Training can last three weeks to three months depending on how quickly I learn the ropes.  This should become my priority over subbing, but I will probably still do maybe one day a week, more in winter if there are less cars to do.  I will see.

4 thoughts on “From kids to kars.. er, cars”

  1. OOOooooo…. a nap…. (drooling)….

    That aside – Chris and I get to “sub” at church next Sunday for 4th/5th grade boys. We get lesson plans and a snack to hand out and everything. We are VERY excited, especially about doing it as a team. I will let you know how it goes – probably with a “subbing” blog post of my own 😉

  2. They separate the class by gender? At my church only small groups (6-8 students per leader) are separated- the rest of the time they are together. Is Taylor considered 4th grade yet? Here 3rd grade and up moved up this weekend; the younger ones don’t move up until September. Strange I know, but I think it has to do with camp.

    I can’t wait to hear how it goes. 🙂

  3. At our church, the kids don’t move up to new classes until August – they all do it at the same time. In Aug, all of our kids will be moving up!
    And I guess they do separate by gender – something I haven’t even thought about until reviewing our lesson plans (I like the sound of that!)

  4. Just as well- Sammie would probably have hated it if her older sister moved to 4th grade three months before she moved to Kindergarten. 😮

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