Krispy Kremes And Bean Surprise


The last week at the old grind has had a few surprises.  Last Thursday with about 5 minutes to spare on my shift, two of my best friends and their two youngest happened into the store on their way to meet a prospective sitter for use when their normal sitter is not available.  Apparently, there was confusion as to where the store is located since the old Super Value sign is still hanging but the Krispy Kreme sign hanging on the building struck a chord.  At the time, I was  putting some potato salad in the case which the customers turned down.  After clocking out, they were at the register so I walked out with them.

Today, I was told that Saturday would be the last delivery day for Krispy Kreme at the store.  Apparently, the location that delivers them is closing its doors… yet another victim of the rotten economy.  The deliveryman who was the subject of a post a few months ago must not deliver to our store anymore… I haven’t seen him since the incident.

I don’t know how I got so luck today but I got the pleasure of stocking about every type of baked bean we carry: Bush’s, store brand, regular, homestyle, with bourbon.  The person working with me in the aisle cracked a few jokes before I got the chance… including Bart Simpson’s famous axiom :

Beans, Beans

The musical fruit

The more ya eat

The more ya toot.

Ah, the wit and wisdom of the eternal ten year old eldest child of Homer and Marge.  It also made me recall the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles.  I have always though that it would be extremely dull to work in a place where you could not have some fun.

8 thoughts on “Krispy Kremes And Bean Surprise”

  1. Heck, my dad taught me the beans song long before the Simpsons were ever thought of.

    And even before Blazing Saddles was in theaters, I heard this one from my dear dad.

    Lean Gene, he had a machine.
    Slo Joe he made it go.
    Hank, Hank, he turned the crank.
    Art, Art he cut a fart and blew it all apart.

  2. I’m waiting to see if my son finds gas even funnier than his sisters do – he certainly has enough of it! 🙂

  3. I never heard JustJ’s poem before, but am well aware of the musical/magical fruit. Too bad you’re losing Krispy Kremes, though eventually when the economy’s better someone will fill in the gap I’m sure.

  4. actually, we already have another donut shop filling the gap. The K.K. deliveryman tonight said this would be his last night stopping. I wished him well.

  5. Krispy Kreme’s….yummy…..they will be sorely missed! My father, also, shared many little ditties with us. It must have been the thing to do back in the olden days of the 30’s and 40’s to make up little rhymes. Some of them shant be repeated…. 😉
    Anyway, they make baked beans with bourbon????? Interesting……..

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