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My favorite team (the Detroit Tigers) are at the end of a West Coast road trip. After tonight’s (this morning’s) game they will head to Kansas City. I’m curious as to the start times used on the West Coast. In Seattle, the games started just after 9:00 PM our time. Most of the games were over before 1:00 am. In Anaheim, the games start just after 10:00pm, and they haven’t been over before 1:00 am.

I usually have to get up by 6:00 am, at the very latest, so these west coast trips are usually going on past the time I would like to be asleep (I don’t always get there, but that was another post). Since I’m paying for Game Day Audio, I feel like I should get my money’s worth and listen to as many games as possible. So, yes I did stay up for all of the west coast games (3 in Seattle and 2 so far in fair Anaheim).

As you could guess, I’m kind of tired today. I did go to “bed” early last night, but I woke up in time for the game. But that really doesn’t get to my initial curiosity. Why the different start times for Seattle and Anaheim? They are in the same time zone, aren’t they? Now the 10:00 start is what I would consider normal (that is 7:00 in California), but the 9:00 (6:00 in Washington) is a bit odd. So, I started doing some research, and found my memory failed me (I was missing some sleep here). Only the Saturday game started at 9:00 our time. That now makes sense. Saturday games could get the people there by 6:00 local time. Not a bad idea.

Of course, now everybody knows why I was so tired on Saturday during filming. I was up late listening to the Tigers lose last Friday…. 🙁

Since I answered my own question, I imagine there won’t be many comments here…. 😉

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  1. I was thinking it was because people in LA tend to be night owls. I remember having to wait what seemed like forever to make business calls to CA – wait for the time change, and people who don’t start work right at 9. And yes, I too hope this doesn’t mean you’ll be as tired this weekend. I PLAN on getting some more sleep tomorrow night myself, but we’ll see what happens. I’m still waiting for the dual sickness to go away, ugh.

  2. It totally stinks when you stay up late for a game and the team loses – or when you rearrange your schedule to watch a good baseball game and they lose. Those have happened to me also, and I get crabby! Sorry to hear about the Tigers. The Cubs have a 2-game losing streak, and they lost their first series now. They had better get their act together today!!!

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