How To Succeed In A Grocery Store Interview With (Or Without?) Really Trying


Last weekend, I discovered that a friend was in desperate need of a job so I said that I would be happy to pick up an application for him and preach him up to TPTB.  I told him that he should come in Tuesday afternoon around 4.  This would allow him to get out of school and tidy up a bit.  Tuesday nights are good since the boss works (or is there, anyway).

So today shortly after I arrived, here comes a well-groomed just turned 18 year old dressed to the nines.  I  almost thought that I had seen a tie.  I commented that he might be just a BIT overdressed although I did tell him to dress to impress.  I should have warned him about the lobe jewelry.

After the interview, my FRIEND and the boss came up and told me that I was fired.  Thank you Mrs. Trump 😀 Seriously though, I was informed that the interview went really well and that he would start on June 1st.  So long?  The boss was really impressed and told me that since he is now of age, Nate probably would be learning some of the adult duties (meat grinding which he seemed only too happy to be instructed in… as long as he does not get his hand in the grinder while it is running).  I was also informed that he was very well spoken and a great guy.  I could not agree more.  One thing bothered me though.  The boss somehow got the impression that I told Nate that she was NICE?  I must have a word or two with my young friend before June 1st to avoid any further brainwashing.  Welcome to the Jungle, Nate!

2 thoughts on “How To Succeed In A Grocery Store Interview With (Or Without?) Really Trying”

  1. I worked in a grocery store once. Lowest paying job ever. Minimum wage minus union dues…

    My brother has worked at one for years now, part-time to go with his full-time job. He gets his insurance through that part-time job, which goes to show you how long he’s had that job as there is probably no longer an employer in existence who offers insurance to part-timers, even the store he works at (he was grandfathered in so they didn’t cut his insurance when they cut the benefit).

  2. Never worked at a grocery store, but I did work at a nun’s retreat house – it was interesting work. Because they were non-profit or somehow exempt from minimum wage laws, I made a whopping $3.85 / hour! Of course, this was somewhere around 1992, but still…

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