1st and Goal On Third Base


This evening, I went to watch two of my nieces play in their respective ball leagues.  first stop, the 5-6 year old tot league to watch little Alyssa.  Although a delight to watch, a little goes a long way.  Watching the little ones just starting out, each player hits every inning and has seven chances to make contact before the tee is brought out.  Alyssa was the last player in the line up for her team, getting a hit each of the three times at bat. After each turn at bat, she made a lap of the bases even after the play was made. At times, the players in the field looked more like a football team than baseball diving and tackling each other to get the ball and make the play.  After two rounds, I decided to go to the neighboring field to watch my older niece, Elizabeth.

I missed a lot of action.  Apparently, she not only caught a pop fly but also turned a double play… not all on the same play.  I got to watch her walk and make her way to third base.  She also played center field then was behind the plate the next inning.  Unfortunately, the mercy rule was enacted with final tally of 13-5.  But good for Elizabeth!

When we got home, I learned that Alex hit the game winner in his game across town.  Now it is the final game in the Yanks/Twins four game series at the stadium (NY up 3 games to 0 and up 6-2)

4 thoughts on “1st and Goal On Third Base”

  1. Ah, spring- youth baseball season. I played baseball only one year myself, and that only because my best friend signed up. Should’ve left well enough alone. Seeing as I had never played in little league before, I was kinda’ outmatched in intermediate league. Out of my league, to use a baseball term for, um, baseball. 😛

    But good for your extended family, far better players than I ever was, sounds like!

  2. Well… I can definitely see who the two most likely athletes will be. My oldest nephew would rather be inside behind a computer or his DS but he has been trying (at least for him). At least, he is not standing in the outfield picking grass.

  3. I played softball for years as a kid – though you’d never know it by watching me at the theater softball game. I’m just too old now, I guess. 🙂
    I LOVE watching little kids play baseball! I guess I should see if any of mine are interested, but I still have a bad taste in my mouth from us trying to get Taylor to play soccer – it didn’t go over well. Besides, we’re always WAY too busy in the summers for something like that.

  4. I played up til 6th grade, then… discovered that I was better at other things. I do enjoy tennis and the annual softball event. You should come to one of Alex’s games (time permitting, of course…;)

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